Deadlift Max

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The first test is Deadlift for Maximum Weight.

This is from the World Powerlifting and decides who has the Strongest Back in the World?

You may use 'Strongman Rules', which allow straps and suit, but done on a normal bar.

The top ten from every category will get the chance to compete on the World Deadlift Championship Open (WDC) . This event will be help at a major UK event in 2016 with details coming soon 

The top super heavyweights will get an invite to the WDC at Europes Strongest Man
Cateogry Leaders:
Langley, Leesa
Female Lightweight

Abell, Cody

Middleswarth, Laurie
Female Heavyweight

Davis, Nick

Dowling, Andrea
Female Middleweight

Tkadlčík, Jiří

Geamanu, Adriana

Passe, justin
Light Heavyweight

Jamieson, Stuart

Gomes, Luis entered Deadlift Max ranked #17 in Heavyweight category

Mon Oct 02 11:37:12 UTC 2017

Davis, Nick entered Deadlift Max ranked #1 in Superheavyweight category

Mon Oct 02 03:15:03 UTC 2017

Brecht, Brittany entered Deadlift Max ranked #6 in Female Middleweight category

Sun Oct 01 20:44:34 UTC 2017

Abell, Cody entered Deadlift Max ranked #1 in Middleweight category

Sun Oct 01 17:45:47 UTC 2017

Abell, Cody entered Deadlift Max ranked #1 in Middleweight category

Sun Oct 01 13:54:45 UTC 2017

DeStefani, Rich entered Deadlift Max ranked #22 in Superheavyweight category

Sun Oct 01 11:41:37 UTC 2017

Deschene, Bailey entered Deadlift Max ranked #11 in Female Middleweight category

Sun Oct 01 06:59:55 UTC 2017

Comment Added Oops this was supposed to be max tonnage.

Sun Oct 01 02:22:05 UTC 2017

MacDougall Sookraj, Laurie entered Deadlift Max ranked #3 in Female Lightweight category

Sat Sep 30 21:44:12 UTC 2017

Duguid, Caitlin entered Deadlift Max ranked #2 in Female Middleweight category

Sat Sep 30 20:50:59 UTC 2017

Ullah, Ayshea entered Deadlift Max ranked #5 in Female Heavyweight category

Fri Sep 29 16:27:26 UTC 2017

Event Categories
Deadlift Max - Male
Category Weight (kg) Age
Superheavyweight 105 - 200 18 - 70
Heavyweight 91 - 105 18 - 70
Light Heavyweight 80 - 91 18 - 70
Middleweight 70 - 80 18 - 70
Lightweight 0 - 70 18 - 70

Event Categories
Deadlift Max - Female
Category Weight (kg}) Age
Female Heavyweight 82 - 200 18 - 70
Female Middleweight 64 - 82 18 - 70
Female Lightweight 10 - 64 18 - 70

The top men's Super Heavyweight gets an all expenses paid competitors invitation ticket to compete in front of 7,500 strongman fans at the famed "World Deadlift Championships 2016" which takes place in Leeds, England. Entries posted before 09 July 2015 will be shown at the World Deadlift Championships 2015 in Leeds, England and you can watch the update on our live stream ( additional charge may apply )

This massive strength event is apart of the Giants Live Europe's Strongest Man show and will give the winning competitor a chance to pull in front of a world wide TV audience as well as the massive crowd present.

All you have to do is out-deadlift the World!? Get your way to the top of the World rankings (under the Grade A rules) and you we will buy your flight ticket from wherever in the World you are and put you up at the Hilton in Leeds with strength kings like Thor Bjornsson and Deadlift World Record Holder Eddie Hall

All deadlifts attempts must be uploaded to the site by June 21st, 2016 to have a chance of you topping the World Rankings. OTHER CATEGORIES WIN: All other Open weight categories will get a chance to be showcased at a major 2016 UK expo details to be confirmed

The winner in all categories will be crowned The Official StrongMan World Deadlift Champion of 2016. Plus, they will receive a prize package worth over $100 from of their world class support systems, plus a free access package to future strongman Pay Per View events on

  1. Create a Login Name
  2. Fill in a Biography, your
  3. Fill in the Current Personal Best section to be ranked.
  4. Upload a video of you deadlifting your max as per our Grade B rules and gain a ?verified? marking against your name.
  5. If you are in the top 5 in the World then we advise you to get a Grade A mark against your lift. This is when an affiliated member or affiliated gym (list to follow shortly, currently we suggest emailing us a well known strength figure to be your moderator) When they have witnessed the lift and passed it, plus you have followed all the rules of filming and uploading your video set out in Grade B rules correctly you will be eligible for winning our World title and be seen by other strength fans and more importantly WSM, Giants Live and other major strongman event selectors plus potential sponsors.
  1. You must film the whole lift from straps being attached to standing up and down successfully and to the showing of weights on one side of the bar for proof if done in gym conditions - if in a strongman or power-lifting meet we accept the weight if clearly visible.
  2. Hand straps and leather belt up to 4 inches thick allowed. Neoprene underbelt allowed also.
  3. Hitching bar up the thighs is allowed, though pausing and resting on the thighs isn't.
  4. Deadlift Suits allowed - No sumo lifting -  hands must be on inside of the legs during the lift.
  5. Weights can go be measured to the kilogram.
  6. Weight must be lifted from the floor to the standing position. And for a good lift the hips, knees and shoulders must be fully erect and upright for a minimum pause at the top lockout position of 2 seconds.
  7. Weights must be lowered to ground with hands still on
  8. If successful, while still filming, quickly strip one side of the bar to shoe the various weight makes and their calibration. 
  9. Maximum 7 foot 6 inch bar allowed / 2.3metres.
  10. All bars must use standard 2 inch (50mm) on the outer ends and use standard Olympic plates. 
  11. Bar must be a 20kg bar for men and women. Though women may also use a 15kg bar.
  12. The middle of the bar can start no higher than 9 inches (225mm) from the ground which is the standard center for any Olympic plate when on the end of a bar.
  13. All decisions by our referee team are final.
  14. Anyone considered to be attempting to cheat will be given a life ban from the site and any event associated with the site. 
  15. The ground you lift on must be flat. Ie, the weights can not be on raised ground when you start.
  1. All world wide winners of a weight category in our ranking system must have done the Grade A certification checks below:
  2. Firstly follow all rules in Grade B with regards to filming procedure
  3. Use a bar and weights that are recognised by the IWF or an International Power-lifting Federation. If you hare unable to get this then film all the weights coming off the bar after the successful lift and weight them on a calibrated weighing scale.
  4. Send in a short supporting statement as to the competiton the lift was done in, information on the federation and the federated official that oversaw the lift or a highly regarded strength athlete who would be potentially recognised by officialstrongman.
Please send us an email beforehand if you are in doubt as to whether your lift is being adjudicated by an approved body.